Our current catalogue of releases from Folklore artists is available from all the usual streaming platforms and online stores.

We also make sure everything is available through Bandcamp. Buying your physical, digital and merch releases from our artists via Bandcamp is the most direct way to support the artists and the grass roots industry. We encourage you to join their community and discover new artists.

Hatcham — Mit/Hiss

Release — FLK0013


Mit Hiss — 10 Feb, 2023

  • Digital

Release — FKL0012


DAAY — 30 Sep, 2022

  • Digital
And now the night...

Release — FKL0011

And now the night…

Nick Edward Harris — 23 Sep, 2022

  • Digital
Second Chances – Nick Edward Harris

Release — FKL0010

Second Chances

Nick Edward Harris — 10 Jun, 2022

  • Digital
Where Is My Mind?

Release — FKL0009

Where Is My Mind?

Nick Edward Harris — 29 Apr, 2022

  • Digital
Golden Tree

Release — FKL0008

Golden Tree

DAAY — 1 Apr, 2022

  • Digital
Human Code

Release — FKL0006

Human Code

Mock Deer — 11 Feb, 2022

  • Digital
Perceptions – Mock Deer

Release — FKL0007


Mock Deer — 4 Mar, 2022

  • Digital
Contempt for Others – Mock Deer

Release — FKL0005

Contempt for Others

Mock Deer — 14 Jan, 2022

  • Digital
The Art of Loneliness (Instrumental)

Release — FKL0004

The Art of Loneliness (Instrumental)

Mock Deer — 6 Aug, 2021

  • Digital
Sleep Child – Faultress

Release — FKL0003

Sleep Child

Faultress — 28 May, 2021

  • Digital
Let The Cold Light In – Mock Deer

Release — FKL0002

Let the Cold Light In

Mock Deer — 30 Apr, 2021

  • Digital
Illusions – Faultress

Release — FKL0001


Faultress — 23 Apr, 2021

  • Digital
The Art of Loneliness – Mock Deer

Release — MD001

The Art of Loneliness

Mock Deer — 14 Feb, 2020

  • LP
  • CD
  • Digital

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Our collective experience offers a range of services from recording through to mastering, artwork, design, promotion and more. These services can be packaged to offer as much or as little support as each individual artist requires.

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