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Dead Slow Hoot


Dead Slow Hoot are both polished and passionate.

— Gigwise

Dead Slow Hoot started life as the accompanying band to a Sheffield Gospel Choir, playing religious standards and Beatles covers until lead guitarist and singer, Hugo, started writing original material in 2014. Staying true to the singalong structures that drew them to gospel music in the first place, the band has experimented continuously with its output over 8 years – eagerly drawing influence from indie rock, folk, minimalism and electronica combined with poetic lyrics to create a unique sound with shades of Arcade Fire, Interpol, Joanna Newsom and Terry Riley.

Now spread between Sheffield and London, Dead Slow Hoot perform with a revolving lineup of talented musicians making every live show a different experience expressed with gratitude for the ability to perform together after so much time.

Serotonin in sound form.

— Christian Carlisle, BBC Introducing Sheffield

Dead Slow Hoot (Single Launch)
Take It Or Leave It

Release — FLK0014

Take It Or Leave It

Dead Slow Hoot — 15 Feb, 2024

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