Wayne Graham

The Empire Bar

Wayne Graham

289 Mare Street, E8 1EJ

£7 adv. (STBF)

Doors - 7:30pm

Mon 3 Sept 2018

Wayne Graham is a band of two brothers, Kenny and Hayden Miles, hailing from Whitesburg, a former coal mining town in South-East Kentucky. They released „Mexico“ in the fall of 2016. It was their fourth album, and the first one to be released in Europe. Its follow-up “Joy!” actually doesn’t require that many words. Everyone who has heard “Mexico” knows how amazing this band is. That „everyone“ in this case still amounts to way too few is obvious as well.
“…orchestrated traditionally humble and down to earth, however, written so smart, slender and tremendously well, that Wilco, Sparklehorse or the godfather himself Gram Parsons must serve as a comparison […] This is a mandatory recommendation. (INTRO 10/16)
“Modern Appalachian music at its best. A huge album that insists on careful appreciation.”
Americana UK (9 out of 10)
“ This Country-Sound is classical and progressive at the same time, one thing it is for sure: enticing.” (Jan Freitag – Freitagsmedien)