Vanessa Forero

Aces & Eights

Vanessa Forero

156 - 158 Tufnell Park, Fortess Rd, London NW5 2HP

£6.00 adv. (STBF)


Thurs 19 May 2016

+ Ben Hemming

+ Danilo Borgeth

+ Steve Hallam

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Vanessa Forero

“With a subtle finger picking style and a warm breathy voice, she is proving to be an exciting rising talent out of England” – HBCVibes.com

“Her debut single Heaven Knows is stunning” – Listen With Monger

British/Colombian singer-songwriter Vanessa Forero releases her self-produced EP, a collection of 5 songs which came from a place best described by the EP title ‘From The Uproar’. Forero is a skilled multi-instrumentalist as well as a producer, composer, arranger and vocalist. After being selected in 2015 by Brit Award Singer-Songwriter Beth Orton to write and perform at her UK show, Forero decided to become her own artist and record her own songs in her distinctive Indie/Folk style with Latino influences.

For her debut EP, Forero recorded and played a lot of native Latin instruments herself, and even sings the evocative bonus track ‘Anhela’ in Spanish. Her sound is a reminder of her roots and has been greatly inspired by her time spent in Colombia. Forero was first introduced to a whole new music scene whilst filming National Geographic’s feature documentary ‘Woman Raised by Monkeys’, a film based on the bestselling book on her mother’s extraordinary life ‘The Girl With No Name’, a book that she co-wrote herself.

Vanessa Forero has recently revealed the underwater-themed video for her new single ‘Same Boat’. This new track is guaranteed to plant a smile across your face and have you hum in no time. So do not hesitate to embark on a journey across the choppy seas to get to know Vanessa’s unique world.

Ben Hemming – http://www.benhemming.co.uk/

Danilo Borgerth – http://danilo-borgerth.tumblr.com/

Steve Hallam – https://www.facebook.com/SteveWatson101