Green Note

Martin Callingham / The Green Apple Sea / Louis Brennan

106 Parkway, NW1 7AN

£8.00 adv. (STBF)

Doors 7:00pm

Sun 29 Mar 2018

+ The Green Apple Sea

+ Louis Brennan

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A Toe on the Water will be the first release from Martin Callingham‘s forthcoming album Assassins. It will be available 11th May 2018 with the album in full due for release later this year.

Gathering a band of fantastic musicians they will be previewing songs from the new album as well as highlights from Tonight, We All Swim Free, it promises to be very special indeed.

The Green Apple Sea (Duo)

“Maybe Teenage Fanclub would sound like that if they recorded Crosby Stills Nash and Young’s „Deja Vu“, or Lou Barlows Folk Implosion on a sunny day.“

London based Dubliner Louis Brennan is a singer-songwriter in the folk tradition. His folk however aren’t the field hands and travelling minstrels of yore but the repressed middle managers and ennui-ridden urbanites of late stage capitalism. They populate tales of bad sex, half-drunk commutes and interpersonal claustrophobia delivered in Brennan’s cracked baritone, at times embarrassingly intimate, at times spuriously broad, peppered with pitch-black humour.