House Above the Sun

Aces & Eights

House Above the Sun

Fortress Road

£5.00 adv. (STBF)


Thurs 20th Oct 2016

Sara and Kenny

Steve Young

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House Above The Sun deal in beautifully constructed tightly wound guitar based epics that unfurl like late the best of late seventies Television and Patti Smith, with a folk and Americana twist. Dual male/female vocals and smart lyrics complete the picture’ -New Roots Promotions

‘A melodic presence of folk music that meets a real spine tingling, 70s-inspired rock’-Tracey Dawkins, New Lease

‘Seriously infectious music’-Chris Lockie, Londonist

‘A lot of the material here is much funkier and soulful than anything either Dylan or Young could ever pull off, and it’s because there’s just as many modern, alternative influences here’- Cody Conard, The Big Takeover

‘If you like more laid back indie rock, the dream filled jangle these guys conjure is worth your time´- Wil Cifer, The Next Big Thing


Sara and Kenny

Sara and Kenny met in Milwaukee, WI (USA), through a shared love of the growing improvised music scene. They immediately connected and started working on original music in July 2015. An eclectic blend of voice, ukulele, nylon and steel string guitars, Sara and Kenny embrace their wide range of musical styles to create their intimate sound.

The duo’s debut album, “Spirit of Gold” was released in October 2015, to rave reviews and a sold out show at the historic Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum in Milwaukee. Piet Levy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said, “It’s striking how simpatico Sara and Kenny sound…especially considering their backgrounds couldn’t be more different. From Reichert’s bright, flighty guitar work on “Four Minutes” to d’Ippolito’s rich vocals during a romantic cover of Luigi Tenco’s “Ti Ricorderai,” “Spirit of Gold” will leave you smitten.” The songs are simple and yet sophisticated, melodic and elegant all at once.


Steve Young UK

“He combines incredible guitar playing with warm and sensitive songwriting – he’s a top talent’”
– Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

British Singer/Songwriter, Steve Young’s music, has been described as “Country music with an acoustic pop/folk twist”. His voice has been noted as “Powerful & Incredible” by some of the industry’s leading protagonists. His career as a session guitarist began in earnest after TV appearances with Lionel Richie resulted in getting fired from his day job for faking illness – his boss saw him on the Graham Norton show that same day. You only need to skim the surface of Steve’s long and diverse career to realise that ‘genre’ became obsolete a long time ago. Put your pigeons back in their box, open your hearts and minds and maybe, just maybe, there will be something here – just for you……