Gabriel Moreno & the Quivering Poets

Green Note

Gabriel Moreno & the Quivering Poets 1

106 Parkway, NW1 7AN

£7.00 adv. (STBF)

Doors - 7pm

Weds 11 Jan 2017

+ Whom by Fire

+ Matt Arthur

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Gabriel Moreno has been described as a modern Cohenian troubadour, an old rascal/poet songster, an instigator of the bardian night and a pursuer of musical, poetical and human connections. He released his debut album, “Love and Decdence,” in 2015 with Amber Records. Finely-crafted lyrics, haunting melodies which will not leave the ear and passionate performances are his trademark according to the musical connoisseurs.

For this event he brings together some of the finest and most interesting musicians in the London and Barcelona alternative folk scene. They are known as The Quivering poets for their emotional perfomances and their unconventional and beautiful psyches. On double-bass, Adam Beattie, on electric guitar Pablo Yupton, on percussion Pablo Campos and on violin Barbara Bartz.

Whom By Fire

WHOM BY FIRE are a poignant & abrasive duo. Taking inspiration from musical heroes such as Nick Cave, Nirvana, Willie Nelson, and other artists not beginning with the Letter N, they are known for energetically infused fiery performances with some of the best vocal harmonies in town. Songs from the most profound corners of the psyche performed with musical finesse. A treat for the ears and the senses.

Matt Arthur

Matt Arthur provides the contemporary and cool element to our alternative/folk scene. He is a fabulous songwriter with a killer voice and a knack for subtle and yet undeniably beautiful melodies delivered from his centre of gravity.

This night promises to be magical.