“Rosi Croom has a new project called Faultress and it is breathtaking” — TOM ROBINSON, BBC 6 MUSIC

“Faultress is an extinct word for a female criminal and in this project, the flawed and sinful Faultress lays herself out for the world to see, vulnerable and imperfect. As an artist, she embodies the challenge to heterodoxy implied in her name, which she wields as a firebrand to write incisive and psychological songs that offer us a look into the complex fragmentation of feminine power, desire and mental health in a rapidly changing musical and cultural world. Faultress’s prime influence is Kate Bush, a soul she shares a love of theatricality with, alongside a diverse set of influences that includes the likes of James Blake, Aldous Harding, Burial and Joni Mitchell. Her full banshee show is a six-part girl choir replete with synths and drums. In her solo shows, Faultress plays piano and loop stations. With the release of her debut 5 Myths EP, she revealed herself something of a polymath: lyricist, musician, singer and storyteller employing the full spectrum of her skillset to make unforgettably charged music.”