Ennor / Mute Swimmer / L Brennan / MX World

Aces & Eights


Fortess Rd, London NW5 2HP

£6 adv. (STBF)

Doors - 7:30pm

Thurs 15 Dec 2016

+ Mute Swimmer

+ Louis Brennan

+ MX World

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Taking their name from the sunken kingdom that formed the Isles of Scilly, ENNOR came together after writer-singer Tom Elliot left the far coast of Penzance with a suitcase full of songs to pursue his passion for writing, stopping off in Exeter along the way where he signed on guitarist Jack Rennie, bassist James Creed and drummer Adam Williams at University before heading finally to London.

The bands’ infectious sound of folk tinged rock (influenced by likes of Paul Simon and Ben Howard) combined with alternative, driving drums and guitars (Fleetwood Mac, Biffy Clyro) established itself in the capital- but the songs tell a story of journeys across the South West and a longing for the Cornish sea.

Mute Swimmer is the music of artist Guy Dale. He has described the project as an act of sabotage, an earnest joke and an extended, erratic hymn to love, doubt and time.

Having become stranded in Berlin during the Icelandic ash cloud of 2010 and unable to return to his job he decided to quit and stay on – recording a handful of minimalistic lo-fi EPs before convening a band (Bernhard Bauch [Drums] Felix Koch [Trumpet] and Nicolai Schorr [Bass]) around the Mute Swimmer name. The four members went on to record the highly anticipated LP Second (due ’14).


Louis Brennan

London based Dubliner Louis Brennan is a singer-songwriter in the folk tradition. His folk however aren’t the field hands and travelling minstrels of yore but the repressed middle managers and ennui-ridden urbanites of late stage capitalism. They populate tales of bad sex, half-drunk commutes and interpersonal claustrophobia delivered in Brennan’s cracked baritone, at times embarrassingly intimate, at times spuriously broad, peppered with pitch-black humour.

Brennan has performed in many guises on many stages and is known for a live show that takes the listener on a journey, turning the mirror from himself onto the audience, commanding dynamics as if conducting an orchestra not standing alone with an acoustic guitar.

MX World

Mx World combines traditional methods and styles of song writing with sampling, sound collage and audio-processing techniques to create atmospheric, experimental pop music, with a powerful vocal presence.

Poppy is currently working on an EP due for release in February 2017, with an EP launch party and a string of live dates to be announced. A mix of the latest tracks by Mx World is available for free download from SoundCloud.