The Ivy House


40 Stuart Rd, London SE15 3BE

£5.00 adv. (STBF)


Fri 29 July 2016

+ Office Of Aurora

+ Our Man in the Field

+ Cameron Niven

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Blind Atlas
“Country blues grooving to a Burritos beat… Kodiak Bear brooding and reflective… hints of Exile on Maine Street, Calexico and Frontier Ruckus…” [Classic Rock Magazine: 7/10]

”… Dramatic, spellbinding with a touch of darkness in parts make Blind Atlas a thoroughly hypnotic act … powerful and mesmerising… well worth your attention.” [BBC]

“Their songs range from whiskey-soaked Blues to a melancholic mix of Folk, Americana and Rock to Cinematic Soundscapes with guitars that gently weep one minute and howl the next. Their differing musical drivers push melodic constructs and playing techniques that are not traditionally heard together or side by side both between and within songs.” [Mudkiss Magazine]

Office Of Aurora 

Alt-Folk From SE London.

Our Man in the field

Our Man in The Field writes musical snapshots from the lives he’s observed or the life he’s lead. Influences include the open spaces of the North East Coast and the raw energy overflowing into London’s sky line, and all the people in between.

Cameron J. Niven

You know that golden age of singer-songwriters that evry boy with a guitar strives for?… Cameron Niven takes you right back to that time, with the kind delicate riffs and genuinely heartfelt lyrics that make you realise the effect music can have on you if it only tries.’ Jon Madge, Cofi Radio/Laissez-Faire