Alright Gandhi & Guests

Paper Dress Vintage

Alright Gandhi & Guests 1

352A Mare Street, Hackney Central, E8 1HR

£5 adv. (STBF)


Weds 1 Nov 2017

Alright Gandhi formed in Berlin 2014. Rosa Mercedes (UK), Pietro Fornara (IT) and later Dominick Gray (US) met in the city characterised by its love of experimentation and recklessness. Kalle Enkelmann (DE) recorded their first full-length album Little Traveller (2016) infused with pop, polyrhythm and storytelling. Since then they have toured 4 continents and 14 countries, in venues ranging from Baltic train station platforms to Chapels on cliff edges to Manhattan clubs. They are currently finishing the second album, which captures raw live performance in a stone house in the mountains of Liguria. The release is planned for later this year; expect warmth and outlandish imagery, like an analogue photograph of your great-aunt’s runaway trip to the South